Posted on: 04/10/2013

Well suited to surf modelling

Miss Universe WA top six tonight,but Tamlin Dobrich is already paving her way to success. The blonde stunner, who is a first-time Miss Universe WA entrant and was named a top 24 finalist earlier this year, has landed the job as the face of West Surfwear - and she"s a perfect fit given her love of surfing. "Tamlin represents the West surfer girl perfectly," West Surfwear designer and production manager Kim Leahy . She"s strong, athletic, enthusiastic, with a great love and respect of the ocean, a fiercely proud West Australian." Dobrich that landing the gig for the popular surf brand was a fluke as she was put in touch with Leahy through a former work colleague. "It was a bit of an obscure one but I went in for an interview and showed them some photos of me modelling and surfing and that was how it happened." Dobrich,who was taught to surf by her dad and has been hitting the waves for the past nine years, she was proud to represent the brand as it embodied one of her biggest passions. "I know that West is really all about people who love surfing and live the lifestyle. "I think they"re trying to move away from that commercial surf side. They"re trying to go back to the roots of surfing, which is what I like about West. They stay true to what surfing is." The 22-year-old recently shot West"s campaign for a new line of fashionable and flattering wetsuits. she"s no newbie to the modelling scene, Dobrich she was already feeling some stage nerves ahead of tonight"s Miss Universe State final, which takes place at Rooftop Movies in North bridge. "I am freaking out," she laughed."But I think once I get on stage and sort of rip the bandaid off it will be fine.