Posted on: 09/21/2015

"The Bionic Model": Beauty with prosthetic arm

"The Bionic Model": Beauty with prosthetic arm takes runway by storm at New York Fashion Week Rebekah Marine created a sensation when she strutted down the NYFW catwalk wearing the latest designs - as well as the latest in prosthetic limb technology. The 28-year-old model, who was born without a right forearm, is fitted with an "i-limb quantum", an advanced prosthetic arm by Touch Bionics that is operated by her muscle movements. After walking the FTL Moda runway show at this month"s New York Fashion Show, she told TIME: I think its so cool to be at the front of the line of this change, and being able to open the door and inspire others to open their minds to different models." However Rebekah, who calls herself the "Bionic Model", suffered years of rejection before the fashion world finally took notice of her.