Posted on: 03/28/2017

Kate Upton in 3 swimsuit edition covers on kimmel

Kate Upton will be on the face of the 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, celebrating her third year on the cover with three new versions. In two of the three, she goes topless�swimsuits are more or less nonexistent in all three. As Upton told Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday night, "Clearly, it"s Sports Illustrated "nude" magazine."Last year, Sports Illustrated broke its own mold by featuring Ashley Graham and Ronda Rousey on its covers�neither fit rigid industry standards for body type and beauty. Though Upton is an SI alum, her body type is also different than the industry norm. As she told CNN in September, "I almost think the body is art, everyone"s perspective is their own and it comes from their own place. People are naturally tall, short, skinny, curvy, whatever. So I feel like limiting yourself to one label isn"t right, you can be everything."The issue, out today, also features Chrissy Teigen, Serena Williams, and Christie Brinkley, who starred on three consecutive SI covers starting back in 1979.