Posted on: 10/30/2014

Model Shyla Robson"s tips for being fit, fun,

The Indianapolis resident can be seen in the current issues of Pattern and Kit magazines. Robson, 26, is also a singer, harmonica player and ophthalmic technician, and she"s going IUPUI to learn American Sign Language. But her professional life didn"t fall into place easily. Robson made two trips to New York to try to break into the runway modeling business. Both times the answer came back the same: "You are not skinny enough." Robson is 5 feet 11 inches (6-2 in heels) and 130 pounds of lean muscle. After her last disappointment, she took on a Zen approach and told herself to sit back and enjoy the ride. Guess what? Business started coming to her, including a recent shoot in Hawaii for the Australian swimwear company 2 Chillies. Robson grew up on a 75-acre chicken farm in Bedias, Texas. She moved to Indianapolis when she was 15, and she attended Southport High School. As a teen, she said, she felt too tall and would wear flats. "Just the last couple of years I"ve grown into myself ... I like being tall." We asked Robson what it takes to keep fit, fun and fashionable. The answers were direct and simple. Rise early: Up at 5:30 a.m. to do three sets of 20 crunches and 12 squats with 45-pound weights. Overall diet: Breakfast is one banana and a glass of water. She also eats a lot of grilled chicken, steamed white rice and steamed vegetables with herbs. She carries healthy snacks with her wherever she goes. Stay hydrated: She drinks six to eight 16-ounce bottles of water every day. She even drinks water during her morning shower. Her big no"s: No fried foods, soft drinks or juices with high-sugar content. Must do: Sun block every day. Best beauty tip: She uses frozen spoons to sooth puffy eyes (round side to eyes). She even keeps spoons in the office refrigerator.