Posted on: 04/08/2015

Meet the Middle School Teacher Who Moonlights

Meet the Middle School Teacher Who Moonlights as a Model Sam Worthen has a secret � and none of his students know it. By day he is an eighth-grade English teacher in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, but on nights and weekends Worthen walks in fashion shows for top labels like Diesel Black Gold, Alexander McQueen and DKNY. "I definitely think of myself as a teacher who happens to model, rather than a model who happens to teach," Worthen, 24, tells PEOPLE. "Teaching has been on my mind since I was about 14." Raised in Milton, Massachusetts, Worthen graduated from Brown University in June 2014 and immediately moved to New York City to start his life in front of the classroom. A few months into teaching he was riding the subway home when a "handsome dude" approached him. "He asked me a bunch of practical questions � how tall are you, what"s your ethnicity, how much do you weigh � and gave me his number," recalls Worthen.